Imagine you have a child, sibling, parent or good friend who is about to purchase a vehicle. What qualities would you want that vehicle to have? Safety? Durability? Reliability? I think those are important. Do you think that you can get those qualities in a vehicle if the people involved in production move as quickly as they can, without attention to detail? I don’t. That is why I practice yoga with attention to detail, move carefully and intelligently.

I practice and teach yoga in the same manner. My focus for others is the same as for myself – safety – I want to reduce risk of injury inherent in all movement and exercise. Durability – I want to be able to do this practice for a long time. I want to build both strength and flexibility. Reliability – Yoga helps me take care of my whole self, not just one part. My practice is well rounded – is challenging, fun, dynamic as well as stress reducing and meditative. That allows me to take better care of myself so I can help those around me.

Back to the example of building a car. Cars are made on an assembly line. Each station has a job to do. The faster the cars need to be produced, the higher the risk of error. There is a certain amount of time needed to assemble and inspect the parts and ensure that they work. When the employees are tired or stressed , there is a higher risk of error. Calm, relaxed employees, who have ample time to do their job, make the least amount of errors. Those are the people I want to build a car for the people I love.

My practice is like the making of a Ferrari. In Maranello, Italy, each Ferrari is uniquely made into a piece of art. The Ferrari goes through 30 stations and can stay at each for up to an hour. There is no rush when you custom crafting and magnificent machine. Only 5400 cars are made each year. Less expensive car manufacturers sell 5400 of a certain model in a week. Ferrari customers, on average, wait 20 months for their automobile. Time does not matter when you want exquisite craftsmanship, superior-high precision alignment. One technician builds the engine from start to finish. He pays attention to the details, ensuring it is made properly. Each car coming down the line is unique. The Ferrari is not mass produced. There is recognition of individuality. Some customers ask for modifications. The producers say yes to some requests and no to others. Although there is some allowance for diversity, they must keep the highest of standards.

My practice is a unique art. I go through an order of poses, with precision to ensure the best design. There are variations in my sequence, within reason to prepare and open my body with the most efficiency. I’m not in a rush because I have high standards for safety, reliability and durability. However, at times, I practice with more speed and at times less. It depends on the situation. No matter what the speed of practice, I never compromise my alignment. The custom process of my practice allows for supreme maneuvering.

I want the same for my students. So I teach with detailed instruction and mindful attention to each student’s alignment. I want the best for everybody. They come to the studio because they want custom craftsmanship. Life is busy and fast-paced. People come to yoga to slow down a bit. To not feel rushed through a practice. They want to get the most out of a class. I artfully design each class for optimal strength and flexibility. The classes are fun, dynamic and challenging. It’s about superior-high precision alignment and a life-affirming philosophy so that people feel great about what they can do and what they have achieved. They also, know that time was taken to make sure each part of the practice was as safe as possible. That this practice is going to lead to a more reliable and durable body, mind and spirit. This is a place (Inner Light Yoga Center) that you would recommend to your family and friends. It’s a place with teachers that care about what they are doing. A place with teachers that want the best for you and those you love.